Obesity-New challenge

Obesity is a big challenge in today’s life and time to come it is affecting more and more young children and adolescent population, as it is very common and widespread also called Globesity.Obesity is defined in many ways but the most common and widely accepted criteria to define obesity is on the basis of Body Mass Index (BMI), calculated by dividing weight in kg by square of height in meter.According to BMI a person can be Under weight (BMI<18.5), Healthy weight (MBI=18.5-24.9), Over weight (BMI=25-29.9), Obese (BMI=30-35.9) and Extra obese if BMI>40.

There are many reasons for obesity like behavioural problems that affects our diet and physical activity pattern, it is very common in children, there are many medical conditions responsible for overweight and obesity e.g. Polycystic ovarian diseases, Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome etc. Some drugs used commonly may also responsible for over weight e.g. Insulin, Sulphonylureas, steroids, psychotropic medicines, lithium, antidepressant, anti epileptics and even analgesics like NSAID and calcium channel blocker medicines use to treat hypertension and cardiac problems.

Obesity affects our body in different way affecting most of the systems leading to increase risk of Hypertension, Type-2 Diabetes, Dyslipidemia all responsible for higher risk of cardiac, renal and neurological problems.It is also a main culprit for joint problem e.g. osteoarthritis and increase risk of certain cancers.

Now lets see what we can we do on our part to be healthy and free from obesity.First of all get checked-up with your doctor for any associated hormonal or medical condition that must be ruled and cured first.Second step is to check our life style including eating habits and exercise plan if there is any. Basic principle is to consume less calories and burn more than what you intake, will burn your extra body fat over a period of time.Avoid food rich in saturated fat, sugar, fried food and follow any exercise plan suited for you and follow it regularly.One most important suggestion please don’t eat anything when you are engage in other activity like watching sports, movie news etc on television.