Glowing skin

Skin Nutrition

The most powerful strategy to get vibrant skin is to pursue good health, your skin doesn’t lie. Makeup,various cleansing agents ans spa treatment helps but will never cover up the missing nutrients and toxic food. Like any other part of your body skin also need abundant supply on nutrients. If you have been good to your body, your skin will reflect it.

Plan and actions required for healthy and vibrant skin-

  1. Avoid margarine and all food that contain hydrogenated oils. These damages prostaglandins like hormones and needed for healthy skin. Avoid pre packed cookies, backed goods, chips and other junk foods.
  2. Eliminate fried foods like potato chips, samosas and deeply fried foods including street foods which are tasty to your tongue but not for your skin.
  3. Promote intestinal health– Fiber rich diet and beneficial bacteria both are essential for healthy skin. Friendly bacteria like acidophilus and bifidobacterium promote skin health by detoxifying GI tract and enhancing nutrients absorption.
  4. Keeping Liver healthy– Liver and skin both are organs of detoxification, if liver is not fine then skin have to perform extra work to remove toxic substances. Standard Milk thistle and dandelion roots are very useful to keep liver healthy.
  5. Don’t smoke it has damaging effect on skin.
  6. Exercise and get adequate rest.

Supplements for healthy skin-

1.Vitamin C- Can be taken orally and applied locally is very good nutrient for skin health. Exposure to UV radiation destroys two third of the vitamin c in skin.It slows the development of wrinkles and premature aging.

2. Magnesium-Most important nutrient for healthy skin, it along with B-complex vitamin helps in to prevent wrinkles.

3.Zinc, essential fats like flax seed,omega-3 fatty acids, Virgin canola oil, Fish oils and cold water fish specially salmon and mackerel.

4.Water is very important for skin hydration and health. One should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily.