=Glowing skin

Healthy Skin


External beauty needs healthy and glowing skin, it requires healthy inside to shine & glow outside. Following are some foods that have certain anti-oxidant properties as well  as having multiple nutrients which helps in keeping healthy and glowing skin-


Rich in lutein & beta-carotene helping in hydration and softening the skin.


A good source of vitamin-c, having some antibacterial properties also, orange peel has more vitamin than fruit itself. Mask prepared with orange peel makes skin brighten and smooth.


Rich source of vitamin-A & vitamin-C anti-oxidant properties helps in brightening the complexion.


good source of vitamin-c, vitamin-A, vitamin-K and vitamin B-complex. It contains lycopene and anti-oxidants which helps in glowing skin.

5. Strawberries-

Having alpha-hydroxyl acid which removes dead cells and improve complexion.


Very rich source of beta-carotene and vitamin-A helps in slowing ageing process and makes skin glow. It also has vitamin-c which helps in developing collagen and connective tissues.


Has anti-inflammatory properties gives radiant look by applying face mask, also removes black spots.


A good source of vitamin-c, vitamin-B and phosphorus. Removes dead cells and opens skin pores/


Face mask of potato have natural  bleaching properties which helps in lightening skin.

10.Fatty fishes-

Fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel and herring are very  rich  source of essential fatty acids helps in smoothen, soften & glowing skin.