Corona Virus

Corona viruses is a group of viruses mainly affects birds and mammals, human being get affected rarely but when infected initial source is always animal like cow, pigs or birds like, bats, snakes, chicken people used to eat their meat, later on contact with infected human being become main source of spreading infection similar to common cold..

Corona virus is a single stranded R.N.A. virus from orthocoronavirinae family.The “coronavirus” name derived from latin word “corona” meaning crown or halo which refers to the characteristic appearance of virus.

Symptoms of corona virus infection in human initially are of simple respiratory system infection like running nose, throat pain, cough and fever may be associated with itching and watering of eyes . Later on this can lead to severe bronchitis and pneumonia with difficulty in breathing. In more severe cases multiple systems may also get involved.

At present there is no specific treatment available for corona virus infection only prevention measures need to be taken care off. Following routine preventive measures everyone should follow at least at the time of epidemic-

  1. Keep yourself from crowded public places to avoid possible contact with infected people.
  2. Avoid hand shaking and physical touching with person affected with symptoms of common cold.
  3. Frequent hand wash with antiseptic soap or spirit is very helpful in preventing various communicable diseases.
  4. Using face mask when going to crowded places.
  5. Avoiding non-vegetarian food like chicken, cow, pigs etc.
  6. Drink plenty of water and avoid dryness of mouth by frequent intake of water, juice etc.
  7. Consume lot of citrus fruit rich in vitamin-c and antioxidants like orange, lemon etc.
  8. If affected by respiratory infection consult your physician without any delay.