Chest pain ?Cardiac

Chest pain is one of the most common cause of apprehension for common men as some times it’s association with heart disease( Ischemic heart diseases).

Chest pain can be of short duration i.e for few minutes, may last for hours or even for days all together. Certain points to be noted regarding chest pain like-

1. site of pain, it’s radiation to chin, aram, abdomen etc.

2.Intensity and character of pain.

3.Factors making it aggravate or relieving it.

4.Relationship with food intake and any effect of local pressure, cough, breathing and movements.

Certain cardiac conditions causing chest pain-

Angina(Choking) Pain

This pain generally felt behind chest bone in centre of chest may be spreading to both side of chest, may radiate to left shoulder, medial aspect of left arm. It last for 2-5 minutes and aggravated by exertion and relieved on rest or taking NTG(Nitro glycerine) tablet.

Unstable angina-Chest pain last for longer duration and can occur at any time even while resting in bed.

Myocardial infarction(Heart Attack) Chest pain is of long duration lasting more than 20 minutes and may last for hours together. Pain generally associated with profound sweating, nausea , vomiting, giddiness, difficulty in breathing requiring immediate emergency medical aid.

Pericarditis- Pain may be felt anywhere at shoulder, abdomen, back and get aggravated by chest movements like coughing, laying down and get some relief while sitting and leaning forward.

Pulmonary embolism- Chest pain is associated with increased heart rate, difficulty in breathing and blood with cough( Haemoptysis).

Non Cardiac causes of chest pain-

Gastrointestinal causes like-

Oesophagitis– Pain located in lower part of chest bone and upper abdomen centrally, burning in nature, worsen on laying down, aggravated by certain food like coffee, tea,alcohol and spicy food, pain is of intermittent type which waxes and wanes and last for several hours.

Peptic Ulcer, Pancreatitis and biliary diseases also responsible for chest pain.

Musculoskeletal causes-

Chest pain may also be associated with Costochondritis associated with local tenderness and increased on chest movement, Radiculopathy also can cause chest pain.

Psychogenic causes may also be responsible for some chest pain, like Anxiety and emotional instability, not related to exertion and food.

It is just an overview regarding chest pain, to diagnose it require certain lab investigations and clinical assessment of person having pain.Never take it light if you are having chest pain associated with profound sweating, giddiness, difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, Pain upper abdomen, all or few of them take immediate medical advise and aid.