Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a medical term used to describe sudden loss of heart function, breathing function and consciousness. This condition usually result from some electrical disturbance in heart leading to pump failure( No contraction or ineffective contraction of heart) and stopping blood supply to different part of body. If not treated immediately it can lead to death of the person.


of sudden cardiac arrest are sudden and drastic like-

Sudden collapse, no pulse, no blood pressure, no breathing and loss of consciousness. Some symptoms may occur before sudden cardiac arrest e.g. shortness of breath, weakness, chest pain, palpitation, nausea etc.

Causes of sudden cardiac arrest-

There are many heart conditions which may directly or indirectly responsible for like-

1, Cardiomegaly.( Heart enlargement)

2.Myocardial infarction ( Heart attack)

3.Congenital heart diseases.

4. Valvular heart diseases.

5.Coronary heart diseases.

6. Certain electrical conduction problems (Blocks) in heart.


Certain risk factor may make person prone to sudden cardiac arrest are-

  1. Family history of cardiac illness.
  2. Diabetic.
  3. Smoker.
  4. Hypertension.
  5. Obesity with metabolic syndrome.
  6. Male of older age with past history of heart attack, obstructive sleep apnoea, chronic renal diseases are more prone to get affected by sudden cardiac arrest.


As it is a medical emergency ,diagnosis and treatment require certain medical equipment  and expertise, person should always be shifted to nearby health facility but till the medical help come one should start C.P.R. by doing chest compression over chest bone  at about 100 times per minute. Just by doing this chest compression we can save many lives.