Acute encephalitis syndrome,affecting Muzaffarpur,Bihar, INDIA, locally known as Chimki Fever is a broad term involving several infections mainly affecting children from low socio economic group and living in conditions consist of high temperature, low rain, high humidity and poor nutrition. The syndrome can be caused by viruses, bacterias, fungi but in india mostly caused by virus causing Japanese encephalitis.(5-35% cases). The syndrome is also caused by infections like scrub typhus, Dengue, Mumps, Measles and Zika virus.

AES mainly affects central nervous system mostly in young children and young adults.It starts with high grade fever associated seizures with gradual loss of consciousness leading to in later stage coma and death. A large number (98%) of children affected by AES also have hypoglycemic sign and symptoms.Some experts says that hypoglycemia is caused by consumption of LICHI orchards cultivated in large scale in the vicinity of affected children and consumed by these poor children, although it require a lot of research work to prove any link in this regard.

Prevention is always better than cure so it is advised to get vaccination against all the vaccine preventable diseases along with Japanese encephalitis also.Avoid hot, humid and over crowding areas to live.

Treatment require urgent and immediate expert medical help as soon as such cases are suspected, to diagnose and treat in time at good hospital.