Chest pain ?Cardiac

Chest pain is one of the most common cause of apprehension for common men as some times it’s association with heart disease( Ischemic heart diseases). Chest pain can be of short duration i.e for few minutes, may last for hours or even for days all together. Certain points to be noted regarding chest pain like- […]

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Health & Beauty

As we know that a healthy body possess healthy mind, same is true for beauty also. if you are fit and healthy inside you will be beautiful outside.To be healthy doesn’t only mean absence of any illness or health challenge, it require a person to be physically as well as mentally fit along with social […]

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a medical term used to describe sudden loss of heart function, breathing function and consciousness. This condition usually result from some electrical disturbance in heart leading to pump failure( No contraction or ineffective contraction of heart) and stopping blood supply to different part of body. If not treated immediately it can […]

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Corona Virus

Corona viruses is a group of viruses mainly affects birds and mammals, human being get affected rarely but when infected initial source is always animal like cow, pigs or birds like, bats, snakes, chicken people used to eat their meat, later on contact with infected human being become main source of spreading infection similar to […]

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Antioxidants neutralize free radicals produced during many metabolic activities in the body. Free radicals would be accused of a wide variety of crimes like Heart disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Wrinkles and most of the process of ageing along with cell death. What are free Radicals? Free radicals are natural by products of our […]

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Book Review

When i first saw this book on stall i get surprised by the title, in curiosity i purchased the book and start reading. actually Rich Dad and Poor Dad are two thought processes towards life and earning. I found it very useful in changing your attitude toward work and earning, this book make you understand […]

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Acute encephalitis syndrome,affecting Muzaffarpur,Bihar, INDIA, locally known as Chimki Fever is a broad term involving several infections mainly affecting children from low socio economic group and living in conditions consist of high temperature, low rain, high humidity and poor nutrition. The syndrome can be caused by viruses, bacterias, fungi but in india mostly caused by […]

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Glowing skin

Skin Nutrition

The most powerful strategy to get vibrant skin is to pursue good health, your skin doesn’t lie. Makeup,various cleansing agents ans spa treatment helps but will never cover up the missing nutrients and toxic food. Like any other part of your body skin also need abundant supply on nutrients. If you have been good to […]

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Obesity-New challenge

Obesity is a big challenge in today’s life and time to come it is affecting more and more young children and adolescent population, as it is very common and widespread also called Globesity.Obesity is defined in many ways but the most common and widely accepted criteria to define obesity is on the basis of Body […]

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Foods for Healthy Heart

In today’s fast and busy life it is very difficult task to be healthy and fit, specially when our diet is full of fast food rich in trans fatty acids, saturated fat and very high in carbohydrates having very high calorie content. Along with our bad eating habits certain life style habits like smoking, alcohol […]

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=Glowing skin

Healthy Skin

                                           External beauty needs healthy and glowing skin, it requires healthy inside to shine & glow outside. Following are some foods that have certain anti-oxidant properties as well  as having multiple nutrients which helps in keeping healthy and glowing skin- 1.Avocades- Rich in lutein & beta-carotene helping in hydration and softening the skin. 2.Oranges- A good […]

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